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Beautified Concrete

Concrete has indeed become a popular choice for both interior and exterior decoration in modern architecture and design. Its versatility, durability, and minimalist aesthetic make it a sought - after material for various applications. Concrete surfaces, either exterior or interior can sometimes exhibit imperfections such as irregularities, rough spots, or minor blemishes, especially if the concrete work was not carried out with great care or if there were challenges during the pouring and curing process. Post – production concrete on walls and ceiling often comes up with untidy surface. Most people do not accept that appearance because of too much dirty look. They obviously see the draggly stain, holes and too rough grain. Also, plenty of dust is coming out. Therefore, we have been seeking solutions of either correcting or making nicer surface, called “Beautified Concrete”

Concrete, typically considered a utilitarian material, can be transformed into a visually pleasing and decorative element when various techniques and finishes are applied. Here are some common methods and finishes used in decorative concrete :

  1. Stamped Concrete : Stamped concrete involves pressing patterns and textures into freshly poured concrete to mimic the appearance of other materials such as brick, stone, tile, or wood. This can be used for driveways, walkways, patios, and pool decks.

  2. Colored Concrete : Pigments or dyes can be added to the concrete mix to achieve a wide range of colors. This allows for customization to match the color scheme of a property or to create unique designs.

  3. Stained Concrete : Acid or water - based stains can be applied to existing concrete surfaces to create marbled or variegated colors.

  4. Exposed Aggregate : Exposing the aggregate (small stones or pebbles) within the concrete surface by washing away the top layer of cement paste creates a textured and visually interesting finish.

  5. Scored or Grooved Concrete : Lines, patterns, or designs can be scored or grooved into the surface of the concrete to add decorative elements to patios, sidewalks, or other outdoor areas.

  6. Concrete Overlays : Thin layers of concrete can be applied over existing concrete surfaces to create a new look. These overlays can be stamped, stained, or textured for added visual appeal.

  7. Concrete Tiles : Pre-cast concrete tiles can be used for flooring, backsplashes, and even wall cladding. They come in various shapes, sizes, and finishes.

  8. Beautified Concrete : This involves grinding and polishing the surface of concrete to create gloss / matt / semi – gloss look for better appearance.


Beautified concrete is one of decorative concrete types, refers to the use of concrete as a design element in residential and commercial properties to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space. This involves grinding and polishing the surface of concrete to create gloss / matt / semi – gloss surface, rough look but smooth touch without dust while it is being kept concrete structure and concept of concrete construction. Some holes remain to appeal grunge style. Beautified concrete is popular because it offers a durable and cost - effective way to achieve a variety of decorative effects while maintaining the structural integrity of the material. It can be used both indoors and outdoors to enhance the overall aesthetics of a property. After people have finished wall and ceiling with pre – cast concrete, it always comes up with untidy areas, dirty spots, holes, stain, ugly colour and dust. Owners use the above techniques of decorative concrete to make it better, but unfortunately, they lose concrete concept and grunge style. Tanyarin is a skilled concrete artisan who can certainly create beautified concrete with a grunge style. Grunge style often incorporates elements of ruggedness, weathering, and an aged appearance, and these characteristics can be achieved through various techniques and finishes applied to concrete. Here's how Tanyarin might go about creating a grunge - style beautified concrete :

  1. Aggressive Texturing : Tanyarin can use specialized tools or equipment to create deep textures and patterns on the surface of the concrete. This might involve creating irregular gouges, scratches, or indentations to give the concrete a weathered and worn look.

  2. Staining and Discoloration : Stains and discoloration can be applied strategically to mimic the appearance of aging. Different shades of brown, gray, and black can be used to create patches and variations in color that are characteristic of a grunge style.

  3. Exposed Aggregate : Exposing the aggregate within the concrete can add to the rugged appearance. This can be done by washing away the top layer of cement paste to reveal the stones or pebbles underneath.

  4. Random Cracks and Imperfections : Introducing controlled cracks and imperfections into the concrete can add to the grunge aesthetic. Tanyarin can use techniques like saw cutting or chiseling to create these features.

  5. Sealant and Protection : To ensure the longevity of the grunge-style beautified concrete, Tanyarin should apply an appropriate sealant or protective coating. This not only enhances the appearance but also helps protect the surface from wear and tear.

  6. Customization : Tanyarin can work closely with the client to customize the grunge style to their specific preferences. This might include incorporating particular textures, colors or patterns to achieve the desired look.

  7. Artistic Touches : Depending on the project, Tanyarin might incorporate artistic elements into the concrete, such as embedded objects, custom engravings, or other unique features that align with the grunge theme.

The key to achieve a successful grunge - style beautified concrete is a combination of creativity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. It can be a striking and unique design choice, whether used for flooring, countertops, walls, or other architectural elements, adding character and personality to the space while retaining the core concept of concrete with a weathered and distressed appearance.


Fail because of draggle area and lost grunge style

Fail because of running coat paint, flat paint and lost grunge style

From left, it belonged to "Wanne Be , But Fail".

Owner totally rejected because result was untidy and not revealing concrete design.

Tanyarin was called to correct and make it perfect as right picture.

Beautified concrete, especially when aiming for a specific style like grunge, is a specialized craft that requires skill, experience, and the use of high - quality materials, especially for 2024 onwards, raw material with Zero VOC, passed health standard, sustainability is crucial. Attempting to imitate it without the necessary knowledge and resources can lead to disappointing results. Here are some reasons why beautified concrete can be challenging for unskilled individuals.

  1. Lack of Artisan Taste : Taste and aesthetics are highly subjective, and what one person finds visually appealing, another may not. When individuals with a "low taste" or limited design sensibility attempt to imitate a style like grunge, they may inadvertently create results that do not align with the intended aesthetic. This can lead to disappointment because the final outcome may not meet their own or others' expectations. They lack Artistic Vision. Creating a grunge - style concrete finish often involves artistic choices and creativity. Without a clear vision and artistic sensibility, the result may lack character and depth.

  2. Lack of Experience : Achieving the desired look for beautified concrete, especially a grunge style, requires a deep understanding of various techniques, tools, and materials. Without experience, it's easy to make mistakes and end up with an unintended appearance.

  3. Inadequate Material Selection : High - quality concrete mixes, stains, sealants, and other materials are crucial for achieving the desired aesthetic and durability. Using subpar or improper materials can result in a flat and unimpressive finish.

  4. Improper Technique : Techniques like stamping, staining, and scoring require precision and attention to detail. If done incorrectly, these techniques can produce a plain and uninteresting appearance.

  5. Inconsistent Execution : Inconsistent application of techniques and finishes can result in an uneven and unattractive surface. Achieving a consistent appearance is a hallmark of skilled craftsmanship.

  6. Failure to Understand Aging : Grunge - style concrete often aims to mimic the look of aged and weathered surfaces. Understanding how concrete naturally ages and weathering patterns is essential for a convincing outcome.

  7. Inadequate Budget : Low level of decoration cost has important role because applicator must seek material and labor to match to allocated budget. If the owner does not perceive this importance, applicator normally uses cheap material and finally ends up with unsatisfied finishes.

To avoid disappointing results and wasted resources, it's advisable for individuals who want beautified concrete, especially in a specific style like grunge, to consult with experienced professionals like Tanyarin. Skilled artisans provide guidance, recommend appropriate materials, and execute the project with precision, ensuring that the desired aesthetic is achieved and maintained. It's an investment that can lead to a unique design, more satisfying and long - lasting outcome.

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