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Surface Finishing by Design

Customized Surface Finish on Wall, Ceiling, Furniture and Decorative Items

for Interior & Exterior by Skillful Craftsmanship,

using Superb Material from England, Spain and Italy

for Sustainability Concept

Tanyarin is a leader of high performance surface finishes by creating high - value decoration and bringing very fine artistic moments to customers. Tanyarin has built up a wealth of experience to offer our extensive and service to architects, designers and contractors. We have the depth and breadth of technical knowledge as well as expertise to respond to the most challenging design and time - critical projects and the urgent transition to a low - carbon economy. We are Thailand's leading one stop provider of innovative decorative surface finishes and sculptural effects. We have become an integral part of many of Thailand's prestigious interior design projects. We have an impressive list of clients all over Thailand which established Tanyarin Decoration as the foremost supplier of high quality and innovative decorative surface finishes. Our enthusiastic and dedicated team will give competent and clear technical advice on all our products at your request. We can provide a product sample for standard colours and finishes and our skilled designers are also able to create special and unusual designs, colours and finishes on demand.

We bring high premium quality of material from United Kingdom, Spain and Italy into both sample process and actual production in order to obtain outstanding surface and premium quality with detail.

Surface finishing on demand is key concept of Tanyarin. Handcrafted creation is crucial instrument of unique creation. We have been training crew to achieve high standard of handmade skill which is able to turn into mass architectural scale.

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