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A rich, elegant finish with a subtle shimmer and directional movement that adds depth to any wall surface.

A water-based decorative wall coating, formulated with effect pigments that create an elegant finish with a subtle surface shimmer.

Exquisite and luxurious, Perlata is an elegant finish with a subtle sparkle or shimmer, creating visual texture and directional effect. With a low sheen, the intriguing surface is full of movement and tonal interest. The finish is dependent on the hand of the applicator, creating a unique and visually striking wall coating at close quarters, yet subtle when viewed from a distance.

Created from a matte basecoat and multiple pearlescent topcoat layers, Perlata architectural coating is formulated to prevent mould, mildew and bacterial growth making it suitable for use in most internal environments, including bathrooms and swimming pools. It has a low VOC and is stain resistant and can be scrubbed/wiped clean.

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