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Private place like residence needs uniqueness which requires personalized design and customized material, size, shade, budget, pattern and etc., to reflect a dweller character like no others whereas finished products from factory have never met this need. Thus, TANYARIN serves well this requirement by offering diversified styles and customization. There are varieties of home decoration for more than 15 years of establishment, but we select some of them to show on this page and keep refreshing new projects from time to time.

So Origin

Tanyarin created pearl wall with gradient + cloud effect in bedroom,especially for wall and headboard areas. We use Armourcoat Perlata with ranges of White to Dark Blue.

Gradient Pearl Wall by Tanyarin for So Origin

Windshell Residence

TANYARIN applied plastering by ARMOURCOAT for seamless smooth stone surface for bedroom. Applicable for indoor and outdoor using because of sustainability, 100% Eco Friendly and Zero VOC.

Plastering on Wall in Bedroom by Armourcoat + TANYARIN

Windshell Residence

TANYARIN used MicroCement and trowelled all over the floor and stairs for continuous concept. It was thin layer, but durable. Applicable for both interior and exterior.

Floor at Windshell by TANYARIN

Four Season Residence

TANYARIN applied Gold gilding on both wall and ceiling with special effects of pattern and antique shade.

Gilding for Four Season Residence

Residence (Undisclosed for Privacy)

TANYARIN built 3D panel to decorate wall behind sofa. Also, we created texture by using Armourcoat  and painted Red on it.

Red 3D Wall with Texture

Residence (Undisclosed for Privacy)

TANYARIN created pearlescent finishing on TV wall in living room with special pattern for more fantastic effect and depth dimensions. Also, this special paint was applied to other areas such as dry zone in bathroom and bedroom.

Caravaggio Pearl  for Living Room.jpg

Residence (Undisclosed for Privacy)

TANYARIN decorated headboard by plastering Armourcoat to create stone finish with depth and also created wave line from left to right. Obviously, terracotta shade was not flat, but vibrant instead because of special pearl glazing on it.

Stucco for Headboard

Residence in Suksawad Area (Undisclosed for Privacy)

TANYARIN decorated TV wall with seamless design by plastering Armourcoat with Travertine stone look. 

Travertine on TV Wall

Residence (Undisclosed for Privacy)

TANYARIN plastered Blue Armourcoat Spatulata on wall for large area to generate marble finish with depth.

Blue Spatulata_edited.jpg

Residence (Undisclosed for Privacy)

TANYARIN created Gold gilding on double height voloumn TV wall.

Gilding on TV Wall by TANYARIN

Residence on Charansanitwong Road (Undisclosed for Privacy)

TANYARIN created customized shade of Blue on wall in living room by plastering Armourcoat "Koncrete" and also intentionally left some imperfect holes on it.

Vintage Blue Stucco by TANYARIN

Residence at Marque 39

TANYARIN created fine grain concrete finish on wall with smooth texture by plastering Armourcoat.

Concrete Wall at Marque 39
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