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Shades for Lucky

Updated: Jan 5

The new year of 2024 is challenging. People have faith and pray for good luck, prosperity, and happiness. While specific beliefs and customs may vary, some common auspicious colors for this new beginning include :

  1. Red : Red is the most important and auspicious color during New Year. It symbolizes good luck, happiness, and prosperity. Many decorations, clothing, and gifts are in red during this festive season.


2. Gold and Yellow : Gold and yellow are also considered lucky colors, representing wealth and prosperity. They are often used in decorations and clothing to attract good fortune.



3. Green : Green is associated with health, growth, and harmony. It symbolizes a fresh start and positive energy.


4. Purple : Purple is a color often associated with royalty and luxury. It can represent wealth and extravagance.


5. Pink : Pink is a color that signifies romance and love. It is also associated with happiness and good fortune.


The key is to choose colors that are vibrant, joyful, and symbolize positive attributes. Incorporating these colors into decorative items, interior & exterior decorations during new year celebrations.

Previously, people had painted with flat paint because of a smooth and non-reflective surface, offering a more muted and understated appearance. It is often chosen for its ability to hide imperfections on walls and ceilings, as it doesn't reflect light as much as glossier finishes.

Nowadays, people tend to decorate spaces with several creative designs, for example, stucco, artistic gilding and special paint effects such as shimmer, pearlescent and glitter since they are more beautiful than normal flat paint. The choice between creative surface finishings and flat paint depends on the desired atmosphere, the purpose of the space, and personal preferences. Stucco, gilding and special paint effects can be particularly appealing in certain settings, such as accent walls, artistic projects, or spaces where a touch of glamour or sophistication is desired. It's essential to consider the overall design goals and the mood you want to create when choosing a paint finish.

Applying crafted surface finishing requires a certain level of skill and expertise. Achieving a flawless and visually appealing result often goes beyond standard painting techniques. Companies like Tanyarin Decoration Co., Ltd., are likely experienced in handling specialty paints and may have professionals who are trained in the intricacies of applying these finishes by these reasons :

  1. Technique : Crafted finishing often requires specific application techniques to achieve the desired effect. Skilled applicators understand how to handle these designs to bring out their unique qualities.

  2. Consistency : Achieving a consistent and even finish can be challenging with certain specialty materials. Professionals with experience in the application process can ensure a uniform appearance.

  3. Timing : Some techniques may have specific drying times or application requirements. Skilled applicators are familiar with these nuances and can time their work accordingly.

  4. Customization : Skilled professionals can tailor the application to meet the client's preferences, creating customized and unique finishes based on the desired aesthetic.

  5. Attention to Detail : Crafted surface finishing with artisan aspect often requires a keen eye for detail. Skillful applicators pay close attention to every aspect of the application process, ensuring a high - quality and visually stunning result.

If you're considering using special finishes with skillful craftsmanship, it's advisable to work with experienced professionals or companies with a proven track record in handling these materials. Their expertise can contribute significantly to the success of your project and help bring your creative vision to life.

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