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In the context of interior and exterior decoration, the term "Green" can have multiple meanings. Green is a color associated with nature, growth, and tranquility. When used in interior or exterior design, Green can create a calming and refreshing atmosphere. Different shades of Green can evoke various moods – from the vibrant and energetic lime Green to the soothing and restful sage Green. "Green" can also refer to environmentally friendly or sustainable practices in design. This includes using eco - friendly materials, energy - efficient systems, and sustainable building practices. Designing with a focus on sustainability aims to minimize the environmental impact of space. Incorporating plants into interior design is a way to bring a literal green element into a space. Indoor plants not only add a touch of nature but also contribute to improved air quality and overall well - being. Furthermore, Green is one of the concepts of Biophilic design. This approach involves incorporating elements of nature into interior and exterior spaces to enhance the connection between people and their environment. Greenery, natural light, and organic materials are often key components of biophilic design. In the context of the exterior, "Green" often refers to landscaping with grass, trees, and other plants. A well - designed Green exterior can enhance the aesthetics of a building, provide shade, and contribute to a healthier environment.Top of Form


Possibilities of Green Decoration

Green decoration for floors, ceilings, and walls can be achieved through various materials and techniques. Here are some ideas for each surface:

Green Tiles

  • Choose green ceramic or porcelain tiles for a vibrant and durable floor option.

  • Opt for natural stone tiles in green tones for a more rustic or earthy look.



Green Carpets or Rugs

  • Introduce Green through carpets or area rugs for a softer and more comfortable feel.

  • Consider eco - friendly and sustainable carpet materials for a "green" approach.



  • There are tons of patterns and varies of plain Green.

  • Unfortunately, laminate is ready - made piece, not able to be customized size and color for seamless design.


NanoCement Concrete

  • Use environmentally friendly concrete stains to create a Green - tinted floor.

  • NanoCement concrete provides a modern and industrial look.

  • It is not self – levelling, trowelling instead. NanoCement material like Spiver from Italy applied by Tanyarin Decoration Co.,Ltd. bonds well to backing without spaces between backing and material therefore surface does not crack. It is strong and durable. In contrast, self – levelling material often cracks. Spaces between layers have been increasingly wider every year because water and humidity inside the self – levelling material have evaporated. When we step on it, weight finally breaks the surface.

  • Color and effects can be customized. It can be seamless and created as single concept for whole ceiling, wall and floor.



Green Wallpaper


Green Flat Paint

  • Paint the ceiling in a shade of green to create a cohesive and calming atmosphere.

  • It is flat paint so it does not provide dimension for looking and touch. Sometimes, it is too boring.


Hanging Gardens

  • Install hanging planters or suspended gardens from the ceiling to bring in living green elements.

  • This adds a biophilic design aspect to the space.


3D Wall Panels

  • Install 3D panels with a Green finish for a textured and visually appealing wall design.

  • These panels can add depth and interest to the room.


Special Paint

  • Use special paint finishes, such as glitter and pearlescent for a textured and unique look with dimensional effects.

  • Colors and pattern can be customized.


11.  Stucco and Plastering

  • Stucco finishes can add depth and character to the walls, providing a touch of sophistication.

  • Trowel patterns and colors can be customized. It is used all over the world because of organic look and seamless design.



Green Decoration & Green Concept

When we talk about Green decoration, we should also think about sustainability concept. Sustainability consideration is crucial when incorporating Green decoration into interior and exterior design. The sustainability concept involves making choices that minimize the environmental impact, promote resource efficiency, and contribute to the well - being of both the occupants and the planet. Here are some ways to integrate sustainability into Green decoration. For the materials, we should choose materials made from recycled content, such as recycled glass tiles or reclaimed wood for flooring, walls, and ceilings. In case of using wood, ensure it comes from responsibly managed forests with certifications like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Recently, low VOC paints are not enough. Zero VOC is a must to get better indoor air quality. Maximize the use of natural light to reduce reliance on artificial lighting. Use energy - efficient windows and shades. These factors are important and listed in a certificate to guarantee certified material. Occupants have to carefully study the index and measurement of sustainability standard. Sometimes, certification is out of date. We should seek the updated ones. For example, decoration by using Armourcoat always come up with updated certification to ensure ourselves to respond well to Green concept of living.

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