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Veer "Urbano"

Smooth Grain Stucco, Made in Italy, Zero VOC

Veer paint "Urbano" Series. Art meets innovations.
Smooth grain stucco. Lime putty with classic marmorino effect, transformed and renewed with new style. It's a collection between simplicity of opaque finish and timeless elegance. Made in Italy. Zero VOC. Decorative natural stucco paste, formulated folowing the experience of ancient recipes, technically updated to market needs, which allows to obtain highly opaque and velvety finishes with a marble effect. Its enchanting opacity. It gives a particular depth to the walls and a seductive touch, of exclusive elegance and refinement, which remains absolutely balanced and never intrusive. Highly breathable, it has an exceptional good anti-mold power, thanks to the natural disinfectant power of lime. It hardens through a chemical carbonation process, calcium hydroxide (the primary binder of the product) which reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form calcium carbonate which is the main component of marble, hence the name "marmorino". It is used as a high decoration finish in prestigious environments, both public and private

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